About us




About us


WHAT DO WE DO: JATTO 102.7 FM is a contemporary adult urban and sub-urban radio station in the heart of Okene, the central axis of Kogi state. Riverdale Multimedia, the operator of our dial was incorporated on……..pursuant to the broadcast license granted by the National Broadcasting Commission on……

OUR MARKET PLACE/COVERAGE AREA: The assigned frequency ‘102.7 FM’ Okene operates in the Abuja Broadcast Zone (ABZ) comprising Kwara, Kogi, Niger and Nassarawa States and Abuja FCT with spill over to Edo, Ekiti and Ondo,

OUR MISSION: To provide objective and quality broadcast to all categories of listeners who represent our community.

OUR VISION: To become a leading contemporary radio station in our broadcast zone with quality, innovative, creative programs service delivery that’s second to none. Because for us at JATTO 102.7 FM, the community owned the brand. To deliver our brand promises therefore.

OUR PLEDGE: Delivery of superior value to our listeners, which we have defined as high quality progammes, is our pledge. It is our goal to discharge these responsibilities on time while demonstrating professionalism and excellence.

OUR BRAND: JATTO 102.7 FM as a brand in radio programming is designed to entertain a wide spectrum of the public and our programmes are so structured to reflect this. We believe very strongly the principle of radio performing the task of educating, informing and entertaining the public. We strongly believe that the community owns the brand. To deliver the brand promise, therefore, teamwork, effectiveness, trust, discipline and innovation are the foundation of all our relationships.

OUR AUDIENCE: Our audience is wide and varied and they include Children, Students, Youth, Working Class and Senior Citizens. Our programmes are also tailored to meet the needs of these key demographic and psychographic groups. We also regaled our listeners with local content programmes that is fashioned to help build our cultural heritage that is fast fading.